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Website Design and Development


Web presence may be a departure from your offline brand, an extension of it, or a platform for delivering products and services through an entirely new business model. Vantix is one of leading experts in helping clients envision and deploy Web capabilities for companies looking to promote, expand, focus, or reinvent their online offering.


The Web Design team at Vantix represents one of the leading resources for innovative and sophisticated Web-based solutions. We have designed websites for companies of all sizes. As a premier digital solutions provider, we help clients bring the right combination of strategy, experience design, and technology to every aspect of their Web-based projects.

Brand implementation - We help clients realize online brands or extend their offline brands into the digital realm. How can the Web deliver on and enhance the promise of your brand? How can the offline brand experience of a company's products and services be interpreted in an online environment? Our Web Design team is fully qualified to help your organization successfully address these challenging questions.

Information architecture - Our team includes experienced information architects who are fully qualified to strategize Web-based projects at both the conceptual and tactical level. The skills we apply to this process range from designing navigation models and categorizing content to creating documentation and defining architectural elements at the site, screen, and page level. Our success in creating effective information architecture results from an emphasis on user-oriented design processes, a commitment to client collaboration, and the experience gained through hundreds of Web-related projects.

User experience - Our emphasis on user experience centers on engineering usefulness, usability, and desirability into our solutions. By understanding how people use technology, and linking that knowledge to our clients' capabilities, we offer value-added experience design that incorporates ethnographic considerations, integration of online and offline customer behavior, and other critical factors. The websites that result from these efforts help our clients transform individual user experiences into long-term customer relationships.

System integration - The Web Design team at Vantix is fully qualified to address the full range of Web-related activities, including legacy system, back-end, and middleware integration. In addition to "public" Web areas, we are prepared to address the Web in the context of multiple platforms, including CRM, inventory, and content management systems.


The Vantix Web Design team specializes in addressing the complete range of strategic and technological issues that affect Web initiatives, including:

  • Web strategy
  • Brand extension and integration
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Interface and interaction design
  • Audio design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Platform integration
  • System re-architecture
  • Legacy, third-party, and back-end system integration
  • User experience design
  • User intelligence
  • Content management
  • Usability analysis