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Discovery Communications, LLC / Discovery Education

VANTIX and Discovery Communications to Develop Web-Enabled Educational Assessment Testing for DCPS

Washington, DC - - Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, and VANTIX have been selected as the preferred web-enabled assessment platform provider for the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) system. The purpose of this project is to disseminate, administer and reconcile educational assessment tests District-wide to match student proficiency requirements as defined by each state''s unique No Child Left behind platform for all public schools.

Discovery Education and VANTIX will deploy a unique testing approach developed at Vanderbilt University using a scientifically research-based continuous improvement model that maps diagnostic assessments to state high-stakes tests. The predictive assessment series assesses student progress toward meeting state standards for reading/ language arts, math, science, and social studies. The tests are pre-configured and analyzed by ThinkLink experts to provide teachers the prediction of mastery, proficiency, and adequate yearly progress (AYP) that is critical to monitoring student progress toward state-mandated goals.

This web-enabled testing will allow students and teachers on-demand access to testing battery and proficiency result reports. VANTIX will provide IP infrastructure consulting, network architecture and web services to ensure the reliability and availability of the Districts education-critical system.

"We are excited to add DCPS to our rapidly growing customer base," said VANTIX CEO, Kenya Pittman. "Our team is looking forward to creating this unique on-demand web-enabled formative assessment and testing platform.”


VANTIX is a provider of enterprise information technology (IT) services for government and commercial clients. Using unique solutions, VANTIX provides process automation and on-demand professional sourcing by assembling high-quality IT consultants to meet client needs. VANTIX develops, engineers, deploys, and manages critical IT solutions for the education, transportation, healthcare and petroleum industries.

Leading organizations and government agencies such as: Proctor and Gamble, Mercedes-Benz, District of Columbia Government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Discovery Communications, United States Army and the U.S. Department of Agriculture rely on VANTIX to provide cutting edge on-demand information technology solutions to solve their complex enterprise business problems.

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About Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a division of Discovery Communications, the leading global real-world and knowledge-based media company. The leader in digital video-based learning, Discovery Education produces and distributes high-quality digital video content in easy-to-use formats, in all core-curricular subject areas. Its award-winning digital learning resources are licensed to more than 70,000 schools across the United States. Discovery Education is committed to creating scientifically proven, standards-based digital resources for teachers, students, and parents. Through strategic partnerships with more than 25 public television stations across the country, its public service initiatives, products, and joint business ventures, Discovery Education helps educators around the world harness the power of broadband and media to connect their students to a world of learning.

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