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International Square

1875 I Street, Suite 500

Washington, D.C. 20006

(202) 529-3000



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"The space you occupy and the authority you exercise may be measured with mathematical exactness by the Service you render."

VANTIX is a services company.  Our main focus is the design, implementation and support of total solutions that address the real business problems of our customers.  As a vendor-independent systems integrator, VANTIX provides full life cycle support for all types of information systems.

Our Team of  professionals share our goals, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit through the service we render to our clients in government and industry.  Our staff of over 100 experienced professionals have extensive experience with all major COTS-based Internet & network management tools

We Know Information Technology.

The VANTIX Service Solution Suite span the breadth of Information Technology, both in terms of size and complexity, ranging from communications systems integration to electronic commerce and electronic data interchange(EDI).  VANTIX offers service solutions in the following disciplines:



  • Internet/Intranet Support
  • Comprehensive Help Desk Support
  • Systems/Software Development
  • Facilities Management
  • Network Integration
  • Desktop Services


The VANTIX Service Solution Suite is centered around three principles:

  • Maximize User Productivity
  • Minimize Your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduce the Risks Associated with Adopting New Technologies