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Automatic Identification and data capture

VANTIX is a full service integrator of barcode and RFID data collection systems providing services which include business process review and analysis to system design, implementation and support.  We have extensive experience with many industries, including those with challenging environmental conditions, tight regulatory controls, and demanding security requirements.  Our relationships with industry leading Automatic Identification & Data Collection (AIDC) manufacturers ensure that your company will benefit from the most reliable, state-of-the-art technology.

Custom Barcode and RFID Software

Our Software Services Group creates custom data collection applications using a wide variety of software development tools. We have a large base of existing code that we can quickly adapt to suit most requirements. Take advantage of our experience to complete your automatic data collection project on schedule and on budget.

Wireless Network Installation

Our wireless network engineers have the knowledge to install even the most complicated hardware and software and provide training to your IT staff. Our staff is wireless LAN certified as well as network certified so they can link data transactions from your wireless network to your host system.