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Desktop Services



As your IT Desktop Services provider your business will benefit from our experience, by taking advantage of economies of scale, better service, standardization and emerging technology.Ê VANTIX can provide you with installation, asset management, configuration management, acquisition, training and systems management for desktop and server configurations. The integration of these disciplines allows VANTIX to offer a strategy which will enable your employees to become more knowledge focused and empowered to better perform their jobs.

VANTIX will maintain all of your enterprise workstations and related peripherals. In addition, VANTIX will assist your organization to forecast desktop and LAN requirements and to design and specify standardized hardware and software configurations. Our suite of tools and processes allow efficient automated and remote systems management of desktop and LAN services. The automated and remote processes employed by VANTIX allow software distribution, backups, performance measurement, license management, and other functions relevant to assisting your enterprise to efficiently and reliably achieve its evolving business requirements, strategic goals, and objectives.