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Training Curricula Development

VANTIX can deliver services in every aspect of the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) process, yet we understand that not all training products require full-scale development efforts. We work within your training requirements and budget to deliver a product with proper content and effective presentation.

Analysis: Is training the solution to your problem? If you're not sure, VANTIX can systematically explore and establish the solution best suited to your needs by performing a front-end analysis. If you know training is the solution to your problem, our analysis techniques can save you money. If training is not the solution, we can guide you along the appropriate problem-solving path.

Design: If you have already identified the "who, what, and why" associated with your training needs, SIGNAL can establish the "how." We develop customized design strategies and prototype materials for all types of training delivery.

Development: The VANTIX training team couples a sophisticated development process with the latest hardware and software to create your ideal training solution. We use 3D Studio Max, Animator Studio, and Adobe PhotoShop to develop 2-D and 3-D graphics and animation, and tools such as Authorware, Icon Author, and Quest to develop the runtime programs. We also provide pre- and post-production of audio and video for informational and training videos.

Implementation: VANTIX can assist you in making the transition to your new training products. Our Team is experienced in delivering Train-the-Trainer workshops that will get your training team up to speed on the latest instructional techniques. We also provide consulting services for designing and developing electronic classrooms and self-paced, computer-based training facilities.

Evaluation: VANTIX is experienced in conducting both formative and summative evaluations. Formative evaluations, held during training product development, will help determine if your training products are being developed to meet your specific needs. Our summative evaluations are designed to determine the extent of improved knowledge and skill, job behavior change, and the final outcome of the training in terms of return on investment.